OEP: Red Chute still a threat

By Fred Childers - bio|email

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) -A convoy of sandbags makes its way down the banks of Red Chute Bayou this (Monday) morning.

At times the battle to keep the water within it's banks seems like a losing one.

"We keep stacking and we keep replacing sand bags, but it's just a lot of pressure," said Bossier City Fire Chief, Sammy Halphen.

But it hasn't been lost yet, and workers which include Barksdale airmen, prisoners, and national guardsmen refuse to quit, in fact it appears they're working harder than ever.

Every moment of the day and night, activity is at a fever pitch on red chute at dogwood.

But their problems continue to grow.

The road they drive over constantly is also the fragile levee itself.

"That road is being driven over to put the sand bags, well as you drive over it it's wet, and so it gets mushy, and there are ruts they get in the road those have to be taken care of," said Chief Halphen.

Guardsmen are placing gravel bags on the road to strengthen it.

So now the mission is two fold.

"One is to stop the water, the second is to actually stop the deterioration of the top of the levees from driving on it," said Chief Halphen.

The compounding problems are expected.

But they come at a time when bossier officials announce the commitment of more resources in South Bossier.

"We're not backing off of that, we've split our forces," said Bossier Parish Sheriff Larry Deen.

Sheriff Deen promises both North and South Bossier will get the attention they both need, which is a lot.

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