Bayou Dorcheat crests; residents cope

By Nick Guillory - email | bio | Twitter

DIXIE INN, LA (KSLA) - From Bossier to Webster parish Bayou Dorcheat finally crested today. Webster Parish officials said it leveled off just below the predicted level of 24 feet. However, some nearby residents are still faced with unique challenges.

From the banks of the Bayou Dorcheat, the water is calm and not rising anymore but still causing an inconvenience who live on an near the bayou---one lady has to paddle just to get to her home.

"Yes, this is you see how deep that is-it's still yard," Gwen Deloach said.

Now, her land is part of Bayou Dorcheat. She's not alone, by boat is the only way residents located up and down Dorcheat Landing can get in and out of their homes.

But, the good news is the water is flowing and some said it could've been a lot worse.

"Because [God] could've took it out, it could've easily got water in it," she said. It's an inconvenience for her, but others are finding some positives out of the influx of water. "Is it tough? No! But is it fun? Yes, getting away from the house-relaxing," Berry Phipps said.

Until, the water goes down completely-"like me, these people know -- they risk the chance of flooding when they have a place there-then you know you're going to have some inconvenience," Deloach said.

Now that the bayou has crested, residents are just watching and waiting for the water to go down.

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