Red Chute Bayou begins seeping over levees

BOSSIER PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Late Friday night, water from Red Chute Bayou began seeping over the Guideline Levee, and crews worked feverishly to reinforce the structure so it wouldn't breech.

Forty-thousand sandbags were brought in to help weigh down the levee's saturated soil with hopes that would keep the levee intact. Even more sandbags were expected during the night. As of 10 pm Friday night, the levee was holding.

"Water is coming over the levee in several places," said Bossier Parish Sheriff Larry Dean. "It's not broken, (but the water) is easing over."

Parish prisoners and firefighters worked to put the sandbags in place.

Further south, there are concerns the rising bayou could begin flooding the Caplis and Sligo Road areas. Officials are keeping a close eye on that part of Bossier Parish as well.

However there are other problems facing workers, problems they can't control. Red Chute drains into the Red River, which itself is on the rise. Late Friday the Red River was just over 29' and was expected to hit 30' over the weekend. With the Red River still rising, waters from Red Chute have nowhere to go.

On Friday, officials fully opened the Red Chute's diversion gate, hoping to ease the bayou's rise by sending water into the Flat River. But the Flat River is also at capacity, and water was reportedly beginning to back up into the Carriage Oaks Subdivision, creating the potential for another flooding problem.

Emergency officials were also keeping an eye on the Dogwood Trail bridge. By late Friday night, Red Chute's waters were less than a inch from the bridge's surface. If the water tops the road, officials will close the bridge to traffic.

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