Flooding evacuations in South Caddo Parish

By Fred Childers - bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Caddo Parish Sheriff Deputy, Jackie Lewis gives last minute instructions to a family being rescued with a hover craft.

Like others, the family didn't want to take any chances on a flood that showed no signs of receding.

"It's been flooding out here for years, but it's never been this bad," said Joshua Lighten. He and his family were leaving their home because he said the water was getting too close.

Over night the water crept up and nearly covered the tops of parked vehicles.

Some residents of the area chose to stay inside their homes, or even on small boats.

Caddo Fire District 6 volunteer fire fighters spent the day weaving in and out of those vehicles trying to find the addresses of people who had called 911.

"The majority of this district is volunteer they're not getting paid for this, this is just something they love to do," said Assistant Chief Mike Makcey with Fire District 6.

Volunteer fire fighters and the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office have been working all night, and all day to go out and get the people who are stranded in their homes. The problem is that some people are still out there tonight, the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office says if you don't get a ride during the day time, you'll have to wait.

"It's just too dangerous, it's to the point now when we first started it, it was ok. But now everybody knows, they've seen the situation, and they have made that determination that they want to stay," said Mackey.

Emergency crews expect to be back for those who change their mind, and want to do what this family did.

"...very thankful," said Lighten.

And that was to board a boat and leave their neighborhood, and head to the other side of Kingston Road.