Wife of church steeple crash victim speaks out

By Ben Wolf - bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Michael Williams of Shreveport miraculously survived a 100-foot tall steeple that fell from the First United Methodist Church and crunched his car.
The National Weather Service believes an F-2 tornado ripped through downtown Shreveport.
"My first thought was just God; let him be okay," said Michael's wife, Judy.
Michael's wife says her husband has several broken bones, staples in his head, and pins throughout his body.
Doctors will perform wrist surgery soon.
"I had called his office just a few minutes before just to say hey, I'm sorry I missed you this morning, I love you, I'll call you later," said Judy Williams.
On Thursday afternoon Judy Williams was in New Orleans walking through the French Quarter.
Then she got the call about this massive church steeple crashing down on her husband in downtown Shreveport.
Emergency crews worked for 50 minutes to pry Michael from the wreckage.
Judy didn't see a picture of their crushed Lexus until the next morning.
"I was shocked, it didn't seem survivable to me," she said.
Judy Williams says she has always believed in living in the moment.
"Even more so now.  I'm so grateful to be here and that he is still here with me.  That is something to really be grateful for, it's a miracle," she said.
"If people do not believe in miracles, they ought to have seen what I saw yesterday, when I walked out of the church and saw the steeple on top of his car," said First United Methodist Pastor Pat Day.
Perhaps the size of the steeple puts it all in perspective.
"Our steeple's approximately 100 feet tall and it's made out of fiber glass," said Day.
First United Methodist Church has history with severe weather and its steeple.
Shortly before Easter in 2000, church leaders had an old steeple taken down.
"We were trying to decide whether to replace it or repair it and it was in our parking lot when the Easter tornado came through this exact same area and demolished it on the ground," said Day.
Pastor Day believes god had a hand in saving lives back in 2000.
And he is convinced he had another in keeping Michael Williams alive.

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