UPDATED: Sunday aerial footage of Red Chute in N. & S. Bossier

Sunday morning, videographer Cody Jennings shot updated aerial footage of the Red Chute Bayou both north of I-20 and to the south in the Caplis-Sligo Road area. Click on the video links on this page to watch the footage.

By Nick Guillory - email | bio | Twitter

ARK-LA-TEX (KSLA) - We begin our trip high above the Ark-La-Tex near the Wallace Lake area, just south of Shreveport. On the ground, residents in the area are getting a helpful lift out of their flooded homes by boat

These exclusive images above Linwood Avenue show exactly why. Our cameras captured one truck doing what you should never do, driving through those high waters.

On the west side of I-49, you can see cows grazing on the only land not covered by Wallace Lake's extended boundaries.

We continue our exclusive look above areas ravaged by the storm near Haughton.

We first told you about the Mimosa Gardens and South Marywoods neighborhoods right after the storms rolled in.

A pine tree split their home directly in two. Dozens of tarps are seen throughout this neighborhood along with power and tree removal crews working to pick up the pieces after an apparent tornado ripped it apart. Now, our last stop is near the red chute bayou area. These folks are piling up sand bags along the bayou to protect their homes, but further south near Bossier Parish's Louisiana Downs, it's too late.

Rains completely flooded the parking lot, turned much of the middle of the track into a pool and flooded the horse stables at the track.

Through all this devastation and so many people affected, the one thing most are hoping for is no rain so they can get back on their feet.

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