Access restrictions in storm-damaged areas

By Jeff Ferrell - bio|email

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - Police have a clear message for residents:  Avoid two neighborhoods in north Bossier City 'unless' you live there.

Police have restricted access to both the Green Acres Place and Brownlee Road neighborhoods for the entire weekend, including Halloween.  With everything down from street lights to power and phone lines, only residents will be allowed in.

Badly damaged homes, downed trees and water-covered streets have created the appearance of a war zone.  And many cannot stay in their homes.  That includes Barksdale Air Force Base Captain Speight Caroon and his family.

Caroon told us, "we're staying with some friend's house for a couple days.  And other than that we'll just come back every day and work until sunset.  It's all we can do."

Police Chief Mike Halphen said they are serious about limiting access to those neighborhoods.  The chief warned that they'll have officers patrolling the area and all access points and will check i-d's.

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