Judge voids personnel board's decision

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Fired, re-hired, put on leave, and now terminated once again: the three Shreveport city inspectors accused of home improvement fraud are still not working.
Caddo parish judge Scott Crichton voided the decision of the city's personnel board to rehire Jackie Mandigo, Ray Jones, and Daniel Lacour.
Judge Crichton ruled the personnel board committed a "flagrant" violation of the open meetings law when they went into a private meeting during the three inspectors' hearing.
Ray Jones' attorney says one option for the inspectors will be to go before the personnel board again -- only this time with every aspect of the hearing open to the public.
"I think he would do very well with that board, he did very well the first time, but that's up to him," said his attorney, Fred Ratzburg.

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