What's Clickin' Wednesday, 10/28/2009

UNDATED (KSLA) - Facebook has gone through a number of different layouts since it first came online. With each change has come unhappy Facebookers, well it's happened again.

It seems no matter how big or small, people just don't like change.

Here's what they've changed this time, they've changed the news feed to show stories most commented on, meaning many of them are a day or more old.

You can switch over to the live feed for up to the second updates. If you don't want the feeds, pull 'status updates' to the top of your list on the left and that will become your default.

It's not all bad news though in the world of social networking...check out Elizabeth Taylor's page, 'Dame Elizabeth.'

She sent out 20 tweets on Monday afternoon praising the new Michael Jackson film, 'This Is It', saying it brought her to tears and that it should be nominated for every award in every category. She obviously saw an advanced screening.

The film hits theaters Wednesday, but premiers in Los Angeles Tuesday night.

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