KSLA Fall Weather Road Tour

By Barak Shapiro - bio|email

Marshall, Texas (KSLA) -The gloomy weather didn't hold too many folks back from attending our KSLA Stormtracker 12 fall weather road tour at Marshall high school.

Everyone packed into the Mav's gymnasium to learn about weather, weather safety and what it's like to be a meteorologist.

Kids gathered around the Sci-Port table to watch a fire tornado. Eric Gipson from Sci-port tells KSLA news 12 it's always a joy for us to be able to do these opportunities to do this.  These kids are just mesmerized by what we do and when they are having fun they can learn a lot.

During the weather presentation parents kids learned not to be scared of storms but to be prepared for them.  And the green screen was a big hit.  Kids line up to learn how to work the weather wall trying their hand at becoming a meteorologist.  At the end of the show some of the kids tell KSLA news 12 they are now thinking about becoming a meteorologist.

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