More rain could fall near Lake Bistineau

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WEBSTER PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Officials in Webster parish say if they get three inches of rain tomorrow it could cause more flooding at Lake Bistineau.

More rain is in the Stormtracker 12 forecast.

"I think it will bring up the lake, I think it's going to get higher than expected," said Brian Devillier who lives near the lake.

"It's got so bad now, a little more is not going to hurt too much," added Bill Funderburk who also lives near the lake.

Webster parish officials tell KSLA News 12 the lake is down three inches from Tuesday.

They're just fortunate the lake's gates were open this year in an effort to fight the salvinia problem otherwise they believe the flooding would have been a lot worse.

"You can't fish or none of that stuff.  In the summertime, you couldn't ski or nothing cause it was so bad," said Chris Bass.

Webster parish sheriff Gary Sexton has his eye on the weather radar.

"It's certainly a concern of ours and it's certainly a concern for the residents that live on the lake," said Webster parish Sheriff Gary Sexton.

Sheriff Sexton says the areas of focus are south Arkansas and Bayou Dorcheat, which has already swallowed up a park.

Dorcheat flows directly into Lake Bistineau.

"I think if we get above two inches, I think we could see some significant rises back on Dorcheat and back on Bistineau," said Sexton.

Highway 164 between Doyline and Sibley is still closed, however, if the rain does by chance hold off and the Lake Bistineau area receives two inches or less, Sheriff Sexton believes the highway will open sometime tomorrow.

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