Allegiant Air posts profits 27 qtrs in a row

By Nick Guillory - email | bio | Twitter

SHREVEPORT , LA (KSLA) -In the past few years, the tough economy has certainly put a damper on some profits for the airline industry but, one airline is pulling out on top--for the 27th quarter in a row. Some of its planes take off right here in the Ark-La-Tex at the Shreveport Regional Airport. "The fare was the best part of it...that was the reason we chose them, because I got home for 100 dollars there and back," Megan Karanz said.

She's apparently not the only one catching a flight on board Allegiant Airlines. According to the airline's parent company Allegiant Travel it brought in $148-million in revenue in the 2nd quarter. That made a 23-point-9 million dollar profit. That's up for the company from only a 2-point-six million dollar profit the same time last year.

"[They] built a business model on charging low fares and adding additional revenue into airline by selling extra items," Shreveport Regional Airport Authority Marketing Director Bill Cooksey, said.

Airport officials said ever since the ribbon cutting ceremony four years ago. Las Vegas has remained the number one destination out of Shreveport. Las Vegas is one of Allegiant's direct flights out of the Port City.

"I'm a college student, so you look for the deals? I do and it did help me get home that weekend," Karanz said.

Cooksey said in the past, other airlines tried to mimic Allegiant's 'successful' business model. "A lot of people say why other airlines can't just adapt to that model because they already have a plan in place---it would be hard for them to adapt to allegiant air's model," Cooksey said.

In the mean time, folks like Megan Karanz said they'll keep hopping on board for its low fares.

Right now, Allegiant has 2 weekly flights out of Shreveport to Las Vegas and seasonally up to 8 weekly flights to Orlando.

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