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Customer Comments

"I have had several office chairs, but none ever did what my Relax the Back office chair does.  They set up the chair to fit me, but I can easily adjust it to lean back and rest when I am on the phone then to sit up correctly when I'm working at my desk or computer.  My back doesn't get fatigued by the end of the day and I feel so much better!"   Bobby Shields, Shreveport


"My cervical contour pillow really does make a big difference!  When I went to the Relax the Back store, they actually fit the pillow to my head and shoulders.   So, now I remain in the proper position throughout the night, even when I turn over - no more constant adjusting of my pillow."    Robbie Kemper, Shreveport


"Our chairs, mattresses and pillows from Relax the Back are wonderful.  My husband and I feel spoiled by the comfort they bring us, so much so that we have another mattress for the guest bedroom to spoil our guests!  The service at Relax the Back is exceptional and personalized - they even customized the controls on my husband's recliner."   Bobbie Rose Wharton, Bossier City

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