Friday storms pounded East Texas

By Jeff Ferrell - bio|email

LINDEN, TX (KSLA) - In our team coverage of the Friday morning storms, strong winds left areas of damage peppered across a 17 mile swath of Cass County in East Texas, just west of Linden.

Those morning storms came in with a fury, damaging at least 20-homes.  Along Highway 11 an oak tree crashed through the back half of a home's carport and punctured the bedroom roof.  "Before they could get up, and get to going, it hit and they were still in the bedroom," said Buddy Roach.

Roach added that his sister and brother-in-law, who live in the home escaped injury, but not the wrath of the storm to their property.  "I asked them this morning if I need to come over and help them in any way and they said, 'no, we can't touch nothing until adjusters and all, insurance adjusters and everything come and see, you know.'"

Besides the large bucket collecting rain water dripping to the bedroom floor, outside a large branch from another big tree crushed their van's roof.  And the wind even peeled-off the barn roof, throwing it 60-feet.

"The one that I believe ya'll had already seen will be destroyed.  That house should be a total loss," explained Larry Trevino.  He spent the day assessing damage across Cass County, as director of the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (OHSEP).

As for his overall assessment, Trevino added, "right now we have roughly twenty houses.  What I've seen is probably ten of those houses which have from minimal to moderate damage."

Trevino told us the storm damage in Cass County did not reach the threshhold needed to ask for state help.  That requires damage to at least 40-homes with at least 40-percent damage each.  And, insured homes cannot count on that list.

Despite not qualifying for state help for storm damage, Trevino did tell us:  "Here's the other thing, we were already going to be making a declaration for the flooding.  This is our fourth flood since the beginning of this year."

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