Storm damage in Vivian

By Fred Childers - bio|email

VIVIAN, LA (KSLA) - That was real fortunate, we was lucky on that behalf, the house here behind the fire station has got massive damage to the roof area.

District 8 Fire Chief, James Pualette and his fire fighters and private contractors were extremely busy this morning, helping residents to clear debris.

"We've got several houses damaged, people trapped in houses, just couldn't get out, there was no injuries," said District 8 Fire Chief, James Paulette.

"It was a disaster," said 87 year old, Edith Branton. She was one of the people trapped, but not inside her home, she couldn't get back in because downed trees blocked her only unlocked door in the garage.   

Branton was asleep when three pine trees fell at once right on top of her bedroom.

"Before I could get out of bed this horrible crash it was loud, loud, loud, so I get up, and went through the house, I felt the rain coming in on me," said Branton.

Just down the street rain continued to pour through the ceiling of a physical therapy building.

"We had a major oak tree fall on the building, and major structural damage, it even cracked the slab on the building so it's a major ordeal," said Robbie Ghatti.

This morning's quick and destructive winds knocked out power when uprooted trees and tree limbs were blown into power lines.

SWEPCO crews were on the scene shortly after the storm working to restore power.

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