Roger Loren Posey

Roger Loren Posey (Source: Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office)
Roger Loren Posey (Source: Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office)

Roger Loren Posey

CADDO PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Normally the Crimetracker Roundup features criminals and fugitives being sought by authorities. This time, we've got a couple of successful captures to update you on.

42-year-old Roger Posey found himself in custody outside of the area before Ark-La-Tex investigators could catch him, and before our story ever hit air after getting a hot tip earlier in the week.

"Well, we have too many handguns on the streets now, people shot every day it seems like," said Caddo Parish Detective Andy Scoggins. That's quite a sobering assessment by a man who should know.

Scoggins works the rural roads of Caddo Parish every day, like Wallace Road in south Shreveport, where Posey became the focus of a burglary investigation.

Scoggins said, "He took the handgun out of the victim's truck while visiting the friend's house."

The gun was a Glock .40 caliber handgun. Posey allegedly took it from the inside of another man's truck while it was parked outside a home he was visiting.

"We would like to get it back and off the street before someone gets hurt with it," Scoggins said.

Posey has family in the Keithville area, but they told Posey is hiding out somewhere in the Dallas area.

During a second visit to Posey's old neighborhood, we didn't know if anyone, including Posey, would be at the house or if anyone at the home would even talk.

Not only did we get someone to talk, but we learned some very valuable information on Posey's whereabouts.

"Roger moved to Dallas. He's in jail down there," was what we were told by one of Posey's relatives.

After a telephone call, we checked the internet site for the Dallas Police Department. On their site we found Posey, in jail since September 30 for burglary.

"He's in jail there, arrested on 9/30, September 30th.  Really?" was the reaction from Det. Scoggins, who sounded very surprised by our discovery.

"I had no idea he was in custody anywhere," he said.

Posey won't be going anywhere soon. Right after we passed on our information to Det. Scoggins,  Dallas Police put a hold on Posey for Caddo Investigators. Apparently Posey had been hiding out in the Dallas area before his arrest by Dallas Police.

Usually an arrest there would have sent up red flags to Caddo Investigators, but unfortunately, the system didn't work this time.

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