Donnie Ray Walters, Jr.

Donnie Ray Walters, Jr. (Source: Webster Parish Sheriff's Office)
Donnie Ray Walters, Jr. (Source: Webster Parish Sheriff's Office)

Donnie Ray Walters, Jr.

Donnie Ray Walters, Jr. was profiled on October 8. He's was wanted by authorities in Webster and Bienville Parishes for distribution of cocaine.

He was captured by authorities in Kansas City on the morning of October 22. He's awaiting extradition back to the Ark-La-Tex.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MINDEN, LA (KSLA) - Webster Parish authorities hope you can help find Donnie Ray Walters Jr , an alleged crack dealer  who's been selling dope to more than just junkies.

"We usually try to make two or three buys from an individual before obtaining an arrest warrant," said Major Steve Cropper with the Webster Parish Sheriff's Office.  Webster Parish narcotic agents have what they feel is a strong case against Walters. Repeated undercover buys all but sealed their case of two counts of distribution of crack cocaine.  However, months ago when they began warrant sweeps in the parish, Walters was nowhere to be found.

"News travels fast," Cropper said. "When we get an organized round up together, by 6 am in the morning, phones start ringing, cell phone start ringing."

Agents say Donnie Walters was off and running. Sources told investigators he ran to Kansas.  However, our sources say he may have returned to Minden earlier this week, possibly looking for legal representation.

Authorities are frustrated. Frustrated that Walters won't give it up, frustrated so many man hours have been put into this investigation, and frustrated that the battle against drugs is never ending.

Sheriff Spokesperson Jennifer Reynolds says many criminals may set their sights on Webster Parish because it's a small, mostly rural parish. It also has easy access with Interstate 20. Reynolds points out patrolling I-20 is just part of their fight. Just two weeks ago, authorities nabbed a drug runner as he cruised down the highway.

"They indicated this was the 5th trip through our parish on I-20," Cropper said.

Then there's patrolling the vast rural stretches of Webster Parish, and the drug runners who work the back roads.  One example is Kenneth J. Jones.  This alleged meth-maker was busted in Webster Parish after a back roads trip in from Arkansas.

"I think Webster like any other parish in the state can deal with spillover," Cropper said.

Investigators hope to stop the spillover from other jurisdictions, one Donnie Ray Walters, Jr. at a time.

One concern is meth makers or drug dealer hiding out in less-patrolled parishes and counties, then selling their goods in the more populated Webster. For instance, Bossier has 63 full-time patrol deputies with up to 24 on patrol at any one time. Webster Parish has roughly 35 full-time deputies on patrol.  In neighboring Claiborne Parish, only 17 deputies, with as few as two on patrol on a given shift.  To the northwest in Lafayette County, Arkansas, there are only four total deputies on patrol.

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