Tony Alamo Ministries pass out flyers in S'port

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The Tony Alamo Ministries raised some eyebrows today, looking to recruit new members to its flock.

Alamo was convicted in July 2009 of taking young girls across state lines for sex.

But, while he awaits sentencing, some of his followers have been passing out flyers.

Some residents of the University Oaks Apartments, just off Shreveport-Blanchard Road in the MLK neighborhood called us about those flyers.

"More kids live within the projects, so they're easy targets," says resident Meggy Baker. "And the parents might not have any knowledge of what bus they might be getting on. They just might be getting on the wrong bus just heading to who knows where."

State child-welfare officials say a baby born to followers of the convicted evangelist, is at substantial risk of injury.

But a lawyer for the group calls the claim retaliation, after the group filed a lawsuit claiming the state is infringing on the religious freedoms of ministry members.

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