YWCA needs $20000 to stay afloat

By Nick Guillory - email | bio | Twitter

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - There are new developments in the re-organization of the troubled YWCA in Shreveport.

The new director faces the daunting task of raising $20,000 by Monday (September 14th, 2009)-or risk the center's closing.

After months of financial woes, the new leader: Amy O'Pry said she wants to strengthen the organization, but says she can't do it alone.

Amy said the YWCA needs $20,000 by Monday to make sure current programs continue to serve area women.

The YWCA takes in abused and battered women along with their children that are the victim of sexual violence or abuse.

The new director wants to forget about the bumpy past and make a brighter future for the YWCA.

"We need community churches, community leaders, business owners as well as residents-united we can all make a difference for the YWCA," Amy O'Pry said.

She said the domestic violence shelter currently has about 40 women and children staying at the YWCA.

O'Pry said they not only need donations, but also more volunteers. She wanted to make sure people know this is considered a tax deductible contribution.

YWCA: www.YWCA.org/northwestla or 710 Travis Street, Shreveport, LA 71101; (318) 222-2116.

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