Hippa Privacy Rules

In the coming months, patient privacy rights will be under the microscope.

"Our responsibility will increase greatly because it will be up to admissions to inform patients about the privacy act."

Healthcare institutions nationwide will have to adhere to new federal patient privacy laws called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or "HIPPA".

"HIPPA protects a patient's health care information from outsiders except for those who absolutely need to know."

Some hospital department heads have started learning about HIPPA'S rules and regulations and while it applies to every department, admissions and medical records will be impacted most.

"We will log every piece of information on each patient, with whom it goes to and what specific information was released."

Upon admission healthcare providers must inform patient's of their privacy rights and how the information will be used.

"So while their waiting in the lobby they will have an opportunity to read it."

Violation of the HIPPA privacy rule can result in a fine of up 250-thousand dollars and or 10 years jail time.