Quality Health Care

55-year-old Bob Norman is on the path to recovery after suffering a brain aneurysm in October.

"He has progressed so much since he has gotten here and in just a short amount of time."

Norman's sister Pat says when her brother was admitted in January, he could not talk, eat or breath on his own, now through the help of therapists Norman is back on his feet and is expected to leave the hospital next week.

Norman says LifeCare is unlike any other hospital he has stayed in.

"One thing that impressed me is everyone is so positive".

Having satistified patients could be reason why LifeCare is celebrating 10 years in operation.

"So just 3 years ago we had 36 patients and  grew to 110 patients so it is about a 300 percent growth."

With two other locations in Shreveport LifeCare provides, high level acute care for about 15 hundred patients a year who require a longer recovery period.

"We really do a tremendous job in terms of wound care management and brain injuries.  Those are the key areas of our success."

Most patients remain there for about 25 days.