2009 homicides on par with 2008.

By Fred Childers - bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - On Tuesday, August 12th, 2009 24 year old Tremaine Perkins was shot and killed at the Country Club Apartments on Lakeshore in Shreveport, family members at the scene screamed when they were told of his death.

"He was a good fellow. He was a good dude he worked and everything," said one bystander.

Perkins death was the 23rd homicide of the year, and brings the homicide stats for 2009 on par with 2008.

Numbers in June - the halfway mark - were identical.

"We had 22 reported this year, and then 22 reported in 2008, so we're right where we were," said Cpl. Bill Goodin with the Shreveport Police Department.

Robberies are up 11 percent. However, these stats represtent year to date figures. Long term stats paint a much different picture.

"If we go back and look out just ten years ago, in 1999, for the whole year we had a reported 508 robberies, this year we've reported 222. We're still on pace to come in well under that 508," said Goodin.

These numbers give the public a sense of how successful the police department is, long range or short range. And for the police department, they also provide a sense of where the officers need to go to fight the most crime.

"They allow us to put our folks on the street where we think they need to be to proactively address some of these emergent crime patterns," said Goodin.

Police officers continue to look for ways to drive down the crime rate through proactive programs, and working with the public - in hopes of preventing more violent scenes, like the one on Lakeshore in the future.

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