Cattle shot in North Caddo Parish

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N. CADDO PARISH, LA (KSLA) - The Caddo Parish Sherrif's Office is looking for the person who shot a longhorn on a North Caddo Parish farm.

The owners found the animal laying dead next to a tree one week ago. The owners said they just bought it back in March and were shocked to see it gone so soon.

Most cattle owners look at the animals as a way to make a living.

This is why this farmer hopes investigators find out who shot the longhorn and why they hope this doesn't happen to anyone else.

Investigators said it happened off quiet Sentell Road just after 2 AM last Tuesday.

The next morning, Cindy Grisham and her daughter discovered one of their longhorns had taken a bullet.

"She was laying on the ground and I said she must be dead, but we couldn't figure because she was perfectly healthy."

Grisham said everything was fine the night before. She was shocked to see the same thing happen to her that's happened to other nearby farmers in the past.

"Another farmer up in Gilliam had several of his he thought had been shot," Grisham said.

The six-year-old longhorn was pregnant and already had a six month old calf --- Grisham said it looked similar to the one you're looking at now.

Investigators said they're still talking to witnesses and trying to figure out what happened early that morning.

"It was probably just somebody riding at night having fun and just shooting guns off. They seen some eyes or a cow and wanted to see if they could hit it," Doyle Smith of Caddo Parish Sheriff's office said.

The next day, the site where Cindy said she found shell casings was just about a mile away. A sign nearby had visible gunshot holes that weren't there the day before.

"It's ridiculous to shoot this low or just shooting out of wherever at random, he could've hit anybody...people do live out there," Grisham said.

Cindy said she hopes whoever did it is found, so it won't happen to yet another farmer.

"That's being stupid, you just can't do stuff like that, it's kind of like someone shooting a dog," she said.

If you have any information the Caddo Parish Sherriff's office urges you to call 318-681-0700.

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