Bitter employee takes off with entire staff's checks

NASH, TX (KSLA) - A disgruntled employee is charged with robbery after allegedly taking off with the entire payroll this afternoon.

Nash Police say that John Smith went to get his own paycheck when he got into an argument with his boss at the Burger King/Exxon convenience store in Nash, Texas.

Police say he ran out of the store with all of the staff's checks, but that's not what he told our cameras after police chased him down.

"I just went there to get a pay check," says Smith.

"He's telling everyone he got his paycheck, but know for a fact he got the whole pay roll," says Lt. John Harris, Nash Police.

We are told most of the checks have been recovered.

Smith was taken to the hospital after complaining about heart problems.  The hospital however, turned him back over to police custody.

Police tell us Smith has been in prison before on similar charges.

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