House calls

It is not the kind of conversation you would expect to hear between a doctor and his patient.

"Normally, were beating the books pretty hard so it is good to get a chance to get out in the community and see what its really like to be a doctor."

But first year LSU medical student David Dice is making his rounds at a homeless shelter called Providence House.

"Basically in order for anybody to help you have got to understand what they go through on a daily basis and what are some of the major impacts on their life in order to truly effectively help them."

The program is called "Immersions". 104 LSU medical students are enrolled in the 3 week course. It is designed to teach them effective communication, compassion for others and the importance of community service.

"We hope through this program they are actually looking at a patient as a human being and not just a person with a medical problem."

Students like Kelly Nelson are assigned to different sites where they tutor residents, serve hot lunches, clean-up and a lot more.

"I think getting us out in the community was a great idea. It reminds you why you want to be a doctor."

And Providence resident Theodore Pemberton could not agree more.

"It gives you a better feeling knowing they know how to deal with people one."