Cold Weather Preps

       Truly cold temperatures don't often travel into the Ark-La-Tex, but this Friday and Saturday will bring temperatures as cold or colder than we've seen all season. Along with those temperatures come a few simple precautions.  Joseph Kelly, a Home Depot associate says protecting your pipes is key, 

"Pipe wrap insulation tape, which what you do is basically peel and stick...just take it off and wrap it around your pipe, and that's going to hold in moisture and stop it from leaking."  Pipes are especially susceptible to sub-freezing temperatures, and experts suggests this quick and inexpensive procedure can save you from a broken pipe on a cold night. Kelly recommends another inexpensive product to keep your home warm, 
"For windows and doors it's basically like a weather seal except for this one you just spray it right on instead of having peel-and-stick, you just shake it and it hardens and it locks it up."

     Donna Timms of Akin's Nursery says when it comes to outside plants, the best thing to do is keep them watered. 

"You need to make sure they've had a good soak, you don't want them to go through a hard freeze dry, it really damages the roots on them, and just put some extra mulch around them...some extra pinestraw."  Timms says it's okay to cover plants, but it is very important to uncover them early or the sunlight will do more damage than the cold temperatures. And she adds because our area does not typically face long periods of extreme cold, plants can survive with only a few minor problems, " It'll
 probably knock off some of the swollen buds, some of the buds that are getting ready to pop, nut like I said, if you forget don't panic, your plants are going to be there the rest of the year."