Wilson pleads guilty to murder

By Fred Childers - bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - After three long years of waiting for justice, the Prock family feels they have finally seen it play out in the last court appearance they'll have to make. Back in 2006 Joe Prock, a retired fire fighter, was brutally murdered inside his mother's home during a home invasion. Felton Dorsey was convicted and sentenced to death. Today the Prock family learned that his co defendant will spend the rest of his life in prison. However, there were some tense moments inside Judge Mike Pitman's courtroom Monday.

The prosecution and the Procks, expected Wilson to show up at the Caddo Parish Courthouse and plead guilty, as he had promised he would. But it appeared Wilson was prepared to go to trial. After some exchanges with Judge Mike Pitman and his attorney, Joel Pearce, Wilson plead guilty. He was immediately sentenced to life in prison without parole or probation. Wilson had accepted a deal weeks ago, and agreed that he would plead guilty, avoiding the death penalty. Wilson turned state's evidence and testified against Dorsey, who was convicted and sentenced to death.

Wilson was also required to provide the Prock family with some information that would provide some closure.

After several consultations, Pearce was able to convince his client to honor his agreement.

"The only possible outcomes would have been death or life in prison," said Pearce.

The family did not want to sit through another emotional trial. However, the prosecution was ready and Brady O'Calaghan essentially told Judge Mike Pitman if this is what he wants then we're ready to go, and we're ready to go now.

"Having done this trial once before and of course their were factual differences between Mr. Dorsey and Mr. Wilson, the State has stood ready to try this case again if necessary. We hoped to not put the family through that again, but we've already developed the evidence," said O'Calaghan.

Wilson does reserve the right to an appeal. However, his attorney says if did appeal any ruling, he would be back to square one.

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