How to contribute to Lydia Briggs Scholarship

Harry Briggs established the Lydia Briggs Tennis Scholarship at Northwestern in honor of his late wife who was a devoted tennis aficionado. And in the last couple of year, he completed a $10,000 endowment in her name for the women's tennis program.

"Most people don't understand how long two miles is in the water," explained Briggs. "They think it would be easy to do it, but you dehydrate faster and you have to deal with currents and waves."

"It is really a tremendous feeling," said Briggs when finishing last season's swim. "It is wonderful to know that I still have it and hopefully, in the process have done something to help Northwestern for all that they have done for me."

To contribute to the Briggs Scholarship, in any amount, contact Dr. William Broussard of the NSU Athletic Association at 318-357-4295 or via e-mail.