CVS Awareness

Receptionist Sonia Sanchez spends about 8 hours a day in front of her computer. Sanchez says she literally began to see the horrible long time effects it had on her eyes and body.

"I had eyestrain and headaches towards the end of the day. I felt exhausted."

That is until Sanchez underwent a new eye exam designed for avid computer users.

"We now have a device that simulates a computer screen so when we test your near vision we test it as if you are looking at a computer screen."

Doctor Sam Silverblatt says the computer vision tester eliminates the need for the conventional eye charts that optometrists now use.

"Once again, it gives us a more accurate result of the power of lens that you need to view a computer screen."

The lenses are given a special tint and protective coating designed specifically for computer usage.

Now when Sanchez works on her computer she says her eyes feel more relaxed and everything appears clearer and bolder.