Man shot and killed across the street from daycare

By Fred Childers - bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -  Just before nine o clock this morning residents on Broadway near Henry heard a burst of gunshots ring out.

"The community is just...people just need to get themselves right with God," said resident, Jenice Smith.

Police were on the scene within minutes of the shooting.

"Upon arrival officer did indeed locate an adult male victim who had been shot twice," said Bill Goodin with the Shreveport Police Department.

Police say the suspect met his victim right outside the C and C Grocery and Liquor Store, and that's when he shot the man at least twice, the victim was rushed to LSU Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

"A bullet could have went into that door over there and shot an innocent child," said Jenice as she pointed to a nearby daycare.

Smith, a resident of the neighborhood is about to enroll her children into the daycare facility.

"I mean it don't have to be like this, but it's the people ," said Smith.

Teka Keller runs the daycare, and says despite the extremely close proximity of the violence, kids were safe.

"As soon as it happened, doors were locked, they're locked all the time, but secured," said Keller.

Just moments after the flash of violence, officers poured onto Kennedy Street, believing that the shooter had gone to a home there and was possibly holed up.

But after a couple of hours of surveillance police determined their suspect was nowhere to be found, for now.

If you have any information on this shooting or the suspect's whereabouts, police want to hear from you.

Call Crimestoppers at 673-7373.

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