Marshall homicide being investigated

MARSHALL, TX (KSLA) - Authorities in Marshall, Texas, are searching for a man they say assaulted another man that ended up dying because of his injuries. The victim, 67-year-old John Houston-Smith, died on Saturday.

The man police are looking for is described as heavy set and in his mid-fifties.

He has a short hair cut, thin mustache and a surgical scar on his chest.

Officials say he's been seen around the city pushing a shopping cart collecting cans and also has a dog with him at all times.

Officers were responding to an assault in the 500 block of Greenwood Avenue in Marshall last Friday.

That's where they found Houston-Smith unconscious and having trouble breathing.

Smith was taken to a nearby hospital but died on Saturday.

If you have any information, please call Marshall Police at 903-935-4575 or crime stoppers at 903-935-9969.

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