SWEPCO reports less consumption

By Barak Shapiro - bio|email

Shreveport, LA (KSLA) - So far this year the temperatures have soared more than 90 degrees 22 times and more than 100 seven times.  However, SWEPCO spokesman Scott McCloud tell us they are seeing a decrease of 20% in our industrial load and a decrease of three percent in our residential and commercial areas.   As big companies like GM shut down their plants along with other related businesses closing, the thirst for power consumption at SWEPCO power plants is being quenched. The average family is also contributing to the lower demand in power.  Erica Robinson of Shreveport tell says she if feeling the pain of the economy and making adjustments to her lifestyle. She says she is using natural sunlight to light her home and raising the thermostat.

Swepco tells us in their 97 year history they have never been unable to handle the demand for power and don't see any problems down the road with this heat.

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