Shooting scares nearby family

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -During the shooting on Darien Street Monday night---bullets were flying through the home of the Ashton's. The Ashton's had nothing to do with the dispute.

"Me and my wife were in bed and were watching a movie-and my wife got up to use the bathroom and I heard her scream she said, 'somebody shootin'!'," Tommy Ashton said.

Tommy Ashton's wife immediately hit the floor screaming for her child. Luckily their child was in the back room away from where the bullets were flying through the walls.

"All I could do is hit the floor, because I heard the bullet in the next room coming by. I thought it went over my head, but it was in the next room," Latonya Ashton said.

"I got up and asked what's going on, what are you doing? When I saw she was on the floor and that's when I heard the 2nd round of gun shots and I said 'somebody hit our house'," Tommy Ashton said.

Police said this neighborhood has had a history of problems with narcotics and the Ashton's said this was just too close to home.

He said one of the gunshots located on the side of their house could have struck his wife right in the chest.

The other bullet was only 3 feet or so away from the bedroom where one of his sons sleeps at night. He demonstrated just how far away it was even from his head. "If you look here-it could have possibly hit me. I'm about as tall as the gunshot here," said Mr. Ashton.

The family said they know the police are doing everything they can, but they just want their sons to be able to play outside like normal.

The Ashton's said unfortunately this isn't the first time they've heard gunshots. They said they've never come this close to home.

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