Pistol packing clerk fights back

By Nick Guillory - email | bio | Twitter

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A pistol packing clerk at the Cherokee Park Grocery wasn't having it this morning. He took matters into his own hands when two guys tried to get away with some cases of beer.

KSLA News 12 talked to the clerk and discovered the would-be thieves didn't get too far. Police said two suspects went into the convenience store with guns.

The crooks didn't realize the clerk was packing a pistol of his own. As the thieves tried to get away with beer-he shot one of the suspects.

"I knew something was up. Who is going to come get 4 or 5 20-packs of beer at 6 o'clock in the morning and think you supposed to sell it to them and you don't sell till after 7," said Lewis Hall, the pistol packing clerk.

Hall has started work here early for years, never underestimating what may happen. This time he knew exactly what could put it to a stop.

"I've been tired of it-everybody else tired of it. Plus, guys don't hang around here like most stores, and I don't let them hang around here," said Hall.

He said most of the trouble never comes from inside the neighborhood, because he knows everyone and everyone knows him.

"It's always somebody from out the area. You know and then they try to rob you or pull their pistol or show it. I just don't go with that man," said Hall.

One thing's for sure this clerk isn't going to let it happen again either. "As long as they stay their distance, I'll stay mine. I'm running the business, come in and get what you going get and go out but he wanted to come and try to take something," said Hall.

Police have both suspects in custody after they left the scene. One was taken to the hospital. He's getting treatment with what officials said is a non-life threatening wound.

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