Minden auto dealership closes

By Nick Guillory - email | bio | Twitter

MINDEN, LA (KSLA) -Another auto dealership is shutting its doors due to the tough economy. After 7 years of service, the Minden Country Chevrolet is calling it quits.

"Shut down and go home, their working right now to get out what last cars are in the shop-that's it," said Tom Martin.

Those are the words from a former employee who worked there for 6 years. He's luckily found another job since being laid off---but, others aren't so lucky.

"Losing their job is a difficult thing, I think that this is something the local economy will not be significantly damaged by," said Mike Moore, president of the Minden Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce said the loss of 22 jobs may be critical but, it's not an indicator the Minden economy is in trouble.

Instead Moore said its related to the national economy. One of the Minden Country dealership employees told KSLA News 12 the rest of the employees are just going to pick up where they left off and try to find a new job.

"Minden has been in pretty good shape during the problems in the economy. We're to a certain extent isolated from a lot of the problems in the economy at large," said Moore.

Martin said although he has since found a new job, "[I am] really, really sorry to have to leave this place. A lot of good customers and clientele came and purchased from us and we've taken care of them. It's a bad time."

It's safe to say the loss of Minden Country Chevrolet is thousands of dollars the city of Minden's economy won't see.

KSLA News 12 made call after call, trying to get in touch with the owner Thursday. He didn't return any of our phone calls.

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