Paranoia drug

Risperidone and Zyprexa are two leading anti-psychotic medications to ease paranoia in Alzheimer's patients. Doctor David Henry is a family practitioner and geriatric specialists. He says Quetiapine, another anti-psychotic med can also aleviate paranoia and can do so safely.

"It is generally effective in much lower doses in the elderly and Alzheimer's patients than it would be in patients with other psychotic disorder."

Doctor Henry says Quetiapine has very few side effects, not associated with the old medications which brought on sleepiness and Parkinson Syndrome like symptoms. That is important to Henry because he treats over a hundred patients for Alzheimer's. He says with this new treatment paranoia is an issue care givers no longer have to deal with.

"The leading reason or an admission into a nursing home is a patient with Alzheimer that become agitated and paranoid."

Currently there are three drugs on the market to treat Alzheimer's disease, but none of them have proven to curb the agitation, aggressiveness and paranoia related to the illness.