Police chase ends with stolen car crashed

By Liz Elan - bio | email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - If you exit I-49 South at 70th street, you will find a busted fence just off to the right of the off ramp. This is where a dramatic police chase ended early just after 4am Thursday morning.

The owner of the 2005 Chevy Malibu, Don Walker, says he just reported his car stolen about a hour earlier. "My girlfriend took it while I was sleeping without my permission."

It wasn't a woman driving the car though when police tried to make a traffic stop at 64th and St.Vincent.  Two men were inside and police say the car slowed down like it was going stop then speed up leading police on chase all over Shreveport. "It ranged everywhere from Cedar Grove to Mooretown. Coming back around Calumet they were throwing suspicious packages out of the vehicle" said Shreveport Police Officer Larry McCloskey.

The Malibu passed right through a dead end on to railroad tracks near the interstate. "It wound up here where they are completely off the roadway," said Ofc. McCloskey.

Police say the driver bailed out off the car, hopped over the fence across the off ramp, then across the interstate. Police caught up with him on the on ramp to 70th street.

In custody is 25 year old Henry Pouncy who already had five warrants out for his arrest. Police say the passenger who bailed out just before the crash is still at large.

Police did not recover any suspicious items from the car, but they did find a teddy bear Walker says he gave to his girlfriend a year earlier, one gift she probably isn't getting back.

"I'm pressing charges on her and the person driving my car," said Walker.