Keeping elderly safe in the heat

By Nick Guillory - bio | email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - This weekend KSLA News 12 learned of an apparent heat related injury involving an elderly person while working in his yard in the morning.

Since summer began this weekend, some Ark-La-Tex seniors are beating the heat so they don't become victim to it.

One local Ark-La-Tex woman is beating the heat locally in Shreveport starting at the Council on Aging. "I don't go out that much, being 87 years old I don't want to be in the heat too much," Eddie McCall said.

McCall would rather spend her time inside at the local senior center getting out the heat.

"So many of our seniors are on high blood pressure and a lot of different medications; this has a lot of interaction with the sun so the seniors need to be very careful," Mary Alice Rountree said.

At mid-day Monday, the temperature already reached 96 degrees. Officials from the Council on Aging said get outside early or later in the evening to avoid heat related injuries.

With only the beginning of summer's sweltering heat, Shreveport's Fire Department is hoping seniors look out for each other.  "The buddy system works when it comes to heat related injuries. Somebody there with you can call for help should you start having some heat problems."

Not only is it good to have a buddy at home, but McCall said its great fun to have on at the center as well. "Hang around in the places that have the comfort because if you get out there in this hot weather, it's just no good for senior citizens."

If you're a senior and in need of help with your yard work call the Council on Aging at (318) 632-2090.

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