Tips on keeping your summer utility bills low

By Nick Guillory - email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - As the summer months begin, customers are always trying to look for ways to keep their energy costs low. KSLA News 12 found one SWEPCO customer who practices a few things to keep his bill down.

Meet Sammie Mullanix, he knows all too well about keeping his energy costs at an affordable level year-round. He makes sure when he's watching televsion to conserve energy. "I've sat in my living room and I don't even have a light on when I'm watching televsion; because I've got to save every penny I can."

Now that summer is just a couple of days away, his measures come at the right time. SWEPCO officials say there are even more ways to save a buck starting with your air filter. "It can really make that unit work harder. The unit can use up to 7-percent more energy if you don't change that filter," said Scott McCloud.

Even though its going to be a long, hot summer SWEPCO said keeping your air conditioner at a "cool" 78-degrees is going to help you in the long run.

McCloud said its not a bad time to take a look at your windows and doors-make sure they are properly weatherized for the summer and winter months.

Another way Mullanix cuts his energy costs starts with his SWEPCO bill. He pays a set rate throughout the year in order to keep his bill the same amount monthly.

The average monthly payment is available to SWEPCO customers after passing a credit check and you can start this service when you pay your next bill.

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