Laser Vein Treatment

Every year millions of women and men seek treatment for unsightly face and leg veins.  Spider veins or telangiectasias, are those small red, blue or purple vessels that appear most frequently on the face and legs.  Dr. Halim uses laser technology that is a both safe and effective non- surgical treatment option for removal of unwanted vascular lesions.  During your treatment light energy is delivered through a special handpiece in a series of pulses.  The light is absorbed by the blood vessels, but not the surrounding area.

For the most comfortable treatment the laser uses a laser that incorporates an integrated cooling chiller tip.  This cools the skin surface, minimizing any possible discomfort.  Most patients describe the sensation to be like the snap of a rubber band on the skin as the light pulse is delivered. After the treatment discomfort is minimal or nonexistent.

Significant improvement is realized in most cases with one (1) or two (2) treatments.  These treatments are administered in three (3) to four (4) week intervals.