Function Junction

Senior occupational therapy student, Amie Mcwhorter and her classmates turned their classroom and lab into a cozy home for out patient stroke victims.

"The purpose is to provide a realistic environment for patients to be able to practice real life tasks so they can carry that over into their own enivroment whenever their at home."

The project is called Function Junction.  LSU's occupational therapy students completed the project about two weeks ago.  It is designed to retrain stroke victims on everyday tasks like cooking, buying grocery, making a bed, among other things.  Only two patients are enrolled in the program so far, but Gretchen Reeks says having them do the activites hands on, helps them become independent.

"The patients pick up their energy and become excited about the program."

Reeks says she would eventually like to take the project into area clinics.  For more information on the Function Junction project call 675-6830.