Texas economy to rebound

DALLAS, TX (KSLA) -  An economic forecaster says Texas is one of the five states that will benefit  from the economy recovery.

The economic research site moody's.com says Texas will come out of the recession sooner than others.

The reasons for the Texas turn around were talked about Thursday as the Dallas Chamber of Commerce celebrated 100 years.

During a panel discussion Dallas' Federal Reserve Bank president Jim Oberwetter said that texas' export standing will help the state fare better when the recovery begins.

"Our chamber will be activated in seeking out companies that may want to move from their current and troubled locations to where we believe is the best place in the United States to locate their business and that is the Dallas Ft. Worth region," Oberwetter said.

Chamber members also site other advantages in Texas like the infrastructure throughout the state that gives it an advantage over other states.

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