Trucks Contined To Be Made At Shreveport Throught At Least 2012

By Jonathan McCall - bio| email| Twitter

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -With the future of General Motors finally clear after the auto giant filed for bankruptcy on Monday, "We believe having some closure on this and moving forward will give a lot of our consumer out there the confidence they can go ahead and make the decision to purchase what they want."

Jay Childers with Chevyland in Shreveport, says they're getting back to the business of selling cars.  "We believe based on what we've heard and talked about there's a lot of pent up demand from people who want to buy our cars," says Childers.

One of the most popular models on the lot, the Chevrolet Colorado, the same truck built at the Shreveport G.M. plant.  But one thing that's not clear is the future of the truck, and the plant it's made from.  "What we're told is plant is still in place to continue production of the Colorado," says Childers. That is until 2012. But what happens to the model after that?  "From that point we don't know if there maybe will be a re-design or something," says Childers. He says regardless of what happens with the Colorado and the GMC Canyon there there is a need for a mid-sized truck.  "We have kinda a core group of folks out there that really like these smaller trucks," says Childers.

And as for the future of the Shreveport plant, Childers believes whatever happens, Shreveport will play a part of the new G.M. of the future.