Shreveport GM Plant Still in Limbo

By Jonathan McCall - bio| email| Twitter

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The road for the country's largest automaker took a detour on Monday, when General Motors announced the company was filing for bankruptcy, and closing or idiling 14 U.S. Not on the list, Shreveport's G.M. plant. "We're happy that Shreveport is not on the list of the 17 operations that will shut down," says Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover.

But even with the heavy sigh of relief, the feeling might only be temporary. That's because the fate of the plant now rests with the impending sale of the Hummer brand. The Shreveport plant produces Hummer models H-3 and H-3T. General Motors officials would not comment specifically on what's next for the plant. "Beyond that we're gonna have to let that play out through natural consequence. When that does happen we will publicly comment on it," says Tim Lee, Vice President of GM North America Operations.

G.M. officials also said the recent billion dollar upgrade in facility, was not a factor in keeping the plant open. "So some costs from prior investment decisions are not considered on a prospective basis," says Lee.

Officials are confident the company will rebound. "The new G.M. will be built form the strongest parts of our business," says General Motors President and CEO Fritz Henderson.  And even though it was spared Monday, and it's future in limbo, officials just hope Shreveport doesn't become a weak link.  "We're anxiously looking forward to seeing how this is going to be ultimately resolved," says Glover.

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