Bought out GM employee still waiting for check

By Carolyn Roy - bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -  The check is not in the mail for at least one former GM Shreveport employee, who accepted a buyout in March, along with 194 others.  The deal for qualified employees was $20,000 and a $25,000 new car voucher, and for those who signed, it became effective April 1st.  They were told both by the company and the union that the checks would be in the mail in four weeks or less.

Nine weeks later, at least one of those former employees is still waiting. "I can't afford for it to be any longer than it was going to be to begin with because I did this," explains Stacy, who doesn't want her full name used. She says repeated calls to the payroll office in Detroit have not provided any explanations for the delay. "Everybody was very helpful prior to signing the paperwork. Now that the ink is dry, it's hush-hush, stonewalling. I'm being told lies. 'It's in the mail.' I was told last week it had physically been mailed." 

Making matters worse, the divorced mother of two says her insurance and unemployment were promptly dropped.  "Within two days of signing that agreement, I received correspondence from my insurance company confirming that I had terminated my coverage.  I would say the following week I received a letter from state unemployment saying that I was no longer eligible for unemployment because GM had notified them that I had accepted a severance package. Now, she's struggling to get by until the check comes. "I planned to be without income for the period of time they said I would be, but not for over two months."

Stacy believes she is not alone. "I do know that there are others that have not gotten it."

Now, there's word of another possible round of buyouts, as part of the amended national contract between GM and the United Auto Workers.  Neither GM or union officials would confirm, but if there are, Stacy says "it would probably be a great thing if GM would pay and honor their initial buyout before they sign folks on to another one."

Asked whether the company was aware of any delays with the checks, a GM spokesperson told KSLA News 12 they had not heard of any.  Still, the spokesperson said that even one person not getting their check would be a problem, and that they would look into it.  So far, we haven't heard back, and Stacy is still waiting for her check.

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