S'port Narcotics bust four for crack possession

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - If you're not doing crack, then why were you hanging out at a crack house?

That's the question KSLA News 12 Reporter Ben Wolf asks one of four total arrests for crack possession as the Caddo-Shreveport Narcotics Unit uncovers crack rocks and pipes Wednesday evening.

"It's a horribly addictive drug.  It's cheap and gives you about a good 30 to 40 minute high," says Sgt. Jerry Oglee, with the Shreveport Police Department.

Officers say it all comes from two homes they busted with search warrants on East Boulevard Street in Shreveport's Highland neighborhood.

The task force says they got to the residence just in enough time to find the drugs in their pockets, but just a little too late to figure out whom was dealing the dope.

Officers believe the dealer could have ditched it over a fence or somewhere in a filthy yard when they arrived.

They didn't discover enough crack to charge anyone with distribution, but small busts like this mean big things for the community.

"Seeing those blue cars or us jumping out of whatever we jump out of that day at least they got that concern on their mind, you know, that's just the satisfaction I get out of it," said Oglee.

Every arrest equals progress to these masked men, who clean up neighborhoods little by little, one rock at a time.

The task force will also recommend one of the homes they busted to Code Enforcement since they felt it was so dilapidated. That's just one more way each neighborhood gets cleaned up.

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