Legislative Contacts


Gov. Bobby Jindal    email
PO Box 94004
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9004
ph: 225-342-7015
866-366-1121 - toll free
fax: 225-342-7099

LA House of Representatives
Box 94062
900 North Third Street 
Baton Rouge, LA  70804

LA Senate
Post Office Box 94183
Baton Rouge, LA 70804
(225) 342-2040

The Public Update Legislative Services Line or PULS Line, is available to you by dialing 342-2456 in the Baton Rouge area or toll free (Louisiana only) 800-256-3793 outside Baton Rouge. TTY contact telephone numbers are (225) 219-4688 in Baton Rouge and (888) 850-6489 statewide.

Legislative staff will answer your questions about bills on various topics, direct you to the proper place for committee information, explain aspects of the legislative process and more. PULS Line is operated jointly by the House and the Senate with additional staffing and phone lines.

Session hours:

8:30 AM - adjournment if House or Senate is meeting;
if not meeting, Monday thru Friday, 8:30 - 5:00 PM

Interim (not in legislative session) hours:

9:00 - 11:00 AM and 2:00 - 4:00 PM
Monday thru Friday


11           Richard Gallot, Jr.             Democrat            Map/Contact Info
13           Jim Fannin                        Democrat            Map/Contact Info

1              James Morris                   Republican          Map/Contact Info
2              Roy Burrell                       Democrat            Map/Contact Info
6              Thomas Carmody            Republican          Map/Contact Info
8              Jane Smith                      Republican          Map/Contact Info
9              Henry Burns                    Republican          Map/Contact Info

1              James Morris                   Republican          Map/Contact Info
2              Roy Burrell                      Democrat            Map/Contact Info
3              Barbara Norton               Democrat            Map/Contact Info
4              Patrick Williams               Democrat            Map/Contact Info
5              Wayne Waddell              Republican          Map/Contact Info
6              Thomas Carmody            Republican          Map/Contact Info
7              Richard Burford               Republican          Map/Contact Info  

11           Richard Gallot, Jr.             Democrat            Map/Contact Info

7              Richard Burford               Republican          Map/Contact Info
24           Frank Howard                  Republican          Map/Contact Info

11           Richard Gallot, Jr.             Democrat            Map/Contact Info
12           Hollis Downs                    Republican          Map/Contact Info

23           Rickey Nowlin                   Republican          Map/Contact Info

Red River
24           Frank Howard                  Republican          Map/Contact Info

24           Frank Howard                  Republican          Map/Contact Info

10           Jean Doerge                    Democrat            Map/Contact Info


31       Natchitoches, Sabine & part of Red River
           Gerald Long                         Republican               Map/Contact Info

35       Lincoln
           Robert Kostelka                   Republican               Map/Contact Info

36       Bienville, Webster & parts of Bossier & Claiborne
           Robert Adley                        Republican               Map/Contact Info

37       Parts of Bossier & Caddo
           Buddy Shaw                         Republican               Map/Contact Info

38       DeSoto & part of Caddo
           Sherri Smith Cheek              Republican               Map/Contact Info

39       Part of Caddo
           Lydia Jackson                      Democrat                 Map/Contact Info