Shreveport police name main suspect in overnight drive-by shooting homicide

By Liz Elan - bio | email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -  Nearly two years after an attempted murder on Attaway Street, a Shreveport man may have got his revenge, shooting to death the man who once tried to kill him in the exact same spot.

"His last words were baby 'I'll be right back' and I said ok," Sylvia Washington said as she stared at the spot where her boyfriend was murdered last night.

 26 year old Raymond Wright would never come back. Minutes after walking outside Washington's house to take a phone call, he was shot three times in a drive by shooting. "He got the phone and made it outside. By the time I shut the door, I heard pow, pow,pow," said Washington.

When Washington ran outside, she says she saw a Jeep Cherokee peel out and a body lying in the street. "Lord please tell me he ain't dead. I just wanted to believe they was out here shooting, just playing around, then I saw him laying there and I knew it was a wrap."

Washington says Wright knew someone was after him. In fact, Wright's fate may have been sealed in this exact same spot nearly two years ago. "It was like he'd been walking on pinned cushions," said Washington.

She says Wright's death was revenge for the October 2007 shooting of 38 year old Andre Palmer in the exact same place on Attaway Street.

Wright was charged with attempted 2nd degree murder,  but was later released because Palmer would not cooperate with police.

Now police say Palmer is the main suspect in Wrights murder."I was hoping if he was hit, it would be a flesh wound, something he would just walk away," said Washington.

She says they were sure Wright had dodged the bullet, but instead it came right for him, ending a bitter feud between two rivals in the exact spot where it started.

Andre Palmer is wanted for 2nd degree murder.  Crimestoppers is offering $1000 for information leading to his arrest. The number for Crimestoppers in 673-7373.