From the Frontlines: Iraqi Training Mission

Time marches on. The days are running together. The weather here was nuts two days ago, lots of rain the other day, and still puddles here and there.

I hope you enjoy my story about the Iraqi Engineer School in Taji, Iraq north of Baghdad (click on the newsletter image on the left to see the full story in .pdf format). We flew there by military Blackhawk. I love that aircraft. Back when Katrina hit Louisiana, I was called to National Guard duty after the storm hit. I must have flown in the Blackhawk on at least 12 to 15 missions.
Well, here in Iraq, our success is very much dependent on the Iraqis training well. By June 30th, our forces are set to leave large cities, although that is not totally set in stone. But we're hopeful the Iraqis will be ready to take over security in many areas. Let's hope that this historic transition we're going through will lead to success after we leave Iraq altogether.

Anyway, I look forward to receiving your emails. You folks are very caring and selfless. Take care and God bless,