Caddo family rebuilds for second time

CADDO PARISH, LA (KSLA) - When Ronnie Davis Looks from his perspective, he can't help but flood with emotion thinking about his family.

"I don't know how they do it, because on... they... just oh they're tough," said homeowner, Ronnie Davis.

One minute Davis was watching television, the next thing he knew it sounded like someone was beating his house with trees. That someone was Mother Nature.

"I sat in the bathroom, me and the kids and the wife, said the Hail Mary's, the our fathers and by the time we said that it was over with," said Davis.

Most people live their entire life never going through something like this. Here's the catch, this is the second time for the Davis family.

Back in September of 2008, a massive tree severed their old home during Hurricane Ike.

Davis is being optimistic about his family's situation.

"We just got our house rebuilt, we just got everything fixed.  I mean just got the yard the landscaping, all that kind of stuff fixed and the next thing you know, Mother Nature hits again," said Davis.

Eight months later, three days before Easter, it's time for another rebirth.

Davis says the force of the storm was so strong it blew out his daughter's room and actually punched her door down the hallway, but that's not all.

After putting that hole in the roof, he says the storm sucked out a lot of the new insulation in his house and sprayed it across a wall.

Just to put it into perspective, Davis says the wind was blowing so hard; a boat slip was actually waving in the air like a piece of paper.

Ronnie and his wife Rebecca Davis don't feel cheated; they say they're being tested.

"Everybody tells us oh you have horrible luck, God has his hand in this the way, we're completely blessed," said Rebecca Davis.

Ronnie adds, "I can't explain it to anybody better than they can see for themselves, what they see on TV or what they see here you know.  There's so many different ways we could be dead and we're not."

Two major disasters, no injuries and an infinite amount of faith for the Davis family.

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